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More tech, less speed?

One unarguable fact of the world now is the growth of noise. Unstructured data was predicted to grow at 62% annually, but the exponential reality probably makes it much faster than that. Another unarguable fact is that humans struggle with focus. Combine these, and the result is that we drown in noise. Big Data hasn’t helped. New platforms and advanced analytics and the promises of “pulling insights from your archives of data” have only added to the noise. (And of course, now you need to pay for them.)

Separating the signal from the noise has never been more important, and never so hard. That’s where Gaussian comes in.

Gaussian works with you to shape your understanding and strategy around challenging technologies and agile methodologies. Our goal is to help you be a business of the future.

But we are ourselves a business with a technology at its core—Visor, our AI. We want to get better and faster and more impactful in our work every day. I reflect on my time at Bain—an incredible institution that demonstrated that every aspect of business is subject to best practices—and dream of a future where we can democratize consulting at least in some part through the power of machine learning.

The future is here. But we’re here with you.

Kut Akdogan, Managing Partner

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Kut Akdogan

Kut is a Managing Partner of Gaussian. He manages the portfolio of Gaussian Holdings, a technology holding company comprising of  investments (Newton Three), strategic advisory firm, and several software and hardware ventures. He founded and ran the award-winning medical device company Hero Health, built the Visor business consulting AI and Sapium strategy suite, launched a number of consumer technologies as lead entrepreneur at the Brainchild incubator, and was a consultant at Bain & Co, working in healthcare and consumer tech. Kut’s background is in theoretical and computational aerospace.

Our pillars

Profitable innovation
Innovation and profitability have often been at odds, but reconciling the two is the core challenge of modern businesses that must find outsized profit pools in new and often disruptive verticals. This seemingly uncomfortable juxtaposition is exactly where we thrive.
Experts in uncertainty
The consultancies of tomorrow must help chart a course through novel, challenging technologies and ever-increasingly uncertain waters. Our approach is rooted in this reality. We have deep experience (and scars) from new, evolving tech and tools like automation, machine learning and aerospace. Sailing through thick fog is our core competency.
Founder mindset
On the journey of rapid acceleration with our clients, we are not mere consultants, but founders, executives, operators, scientists. Our clients are smart, nimble, and powerful in their domains, and we are not here to peddle reports and relax in expensive chairs. At Gaussian, we roll our sleeves up and collaborate vigorously to drive the results our clients need.

You're in good company.

Gaussian's clients see more than 10x the return working with us. Why? We are partners, not consultants.

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