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Get answers about companies, industries and technologies with our automated search and AI-analyst reports. Systematize repetitive research to speed up diligence and discovery. Gather and summarize primary research to drive unique insights for deals and operations. Lean on our analysts and data scientists for more complex problems.

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Search direct and deep

Find insights and detail on private and public companies, industries, and products, from tens of thousands of sources like company websites, leading industry publications, press releases, earnings releases, company filings, regulatory announcements, and financials. Recent quotes from Medtronic C-suite? Product innovations in the injection molding industry? Visor delivers.

Automate the tedious

Once you’ve searched once, save your searches into a Template and re-run them in bulk on future topics and companies. Leverage Visor’s pre-created Templates to automate reports on everything from private company diligence to sales profiles. Or create custom Templates to automate different types of topics—for instance, a Template for public pharma company diligence.

Cross-check across 10,000s of sources

Corroboration is key. Visor pulls its knowledge from company announcements, industry reports, press wires, credible news sources, and governmental bodies like the SEC, and lets you check where each part of its results comes from. We don’t like black boxes.

Incorporate primary research

Diligence isn’t just about secondary sources. Visor’s deep primary research manager allows you to pull in unstructured interviews, notes, and more, and transform them into insights. Summarize findings in any way your team needs—by customer segment, consumer behavior, and more.

Organize your IP

Never lose track of research insights again. Visor helps you collect, store, share and analyze your team’s research by project, improving availability and efficiency of secondary research and eliminating redundant work. It's as simple as Pinterest.

Leverage our team

Software can’t solve all our problems. That’s why we offer deep support from our analysts, researchers and data scientists to achieve your Research and Investment objectives.

Impactful software.

Learn from customers why we're "mission critical" to profitable innovation.

Absolutely a tool we use. I can share the tagging framework, and it's in a manageable but malleable enough format that someone could pull from it & build upon it, and just add docs, instead of creating their own framework.

Product manager
$1B+ cap venture

Sapium is really helping inform the themes and insights from our customer interviews and data.

Director of Product
Series A stage venture

Sapium helped derive and codify the features that would address the requirements, especially with the many-to-many mappings. When I present with it in a design review, everyone loves it!

Software Manager
Big 5 tech company

We've finally solved the problem of where to store all our customer feedback and insights!

Manager, Product & Delivery
Series A stage venture

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