Event Predictor

Enhance your models with corporate event data

Leverage Event Predictor's unique dataset of fundamentals-driven event predictions to feed in data about corporates, including likelihood of acquisition and C-suite change. Define your own corporate events for EP to build a custom model around, and aggregate events into trends to track industry shifts key to your fund.

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Historical data events

EP has built a dataset of numerous historical corporate events, through a proprietary identification model processing public data on releases, filings, regulatory updates, and much more. Choose from several events, including majority share transfer and C-suite change. Our team can also work with you to define a custom-tailored event type, which we can build into a brand new custom event dataset for you.

Future event estimation

Each of EP's historical event datasets have a corresponding Prediction dataset, containing the modeled probability distribution of event likelihood for every corporate we track. Use our predictive engine to help adjust your assumptions and input directly into your valuation models—or even to filter and triage your length marketing lists.

Trend identification and prediction

Based on our strategy consulting team’s ongoing industry-level analyses, EP maps corporate events (such as “acquisition”) to industry trends (such as “consolidation”), and subsequently provides datasets for such trends, both historical and predictive. Clients may also request datasets of custom trends, through a collaborative process with our team.

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Absolutely a tool we use. I can share the tagging framework, and it's in a manageable but malleable enough format that someone could pull from it & build upon it, and just add docs, instead of creating their own framework.

Product manager
$1B+ cap venture

Sapium is really helping inform the themes and insights from our customer interviews and data.

Director of Product
Series A stage venture

Sapium helped derive and codify the features that would address the requirements, especially with the many-to-many mappings. When I present with it in a design review, everyone loves it!

Software Manager
Big 5 tech company

We've finally solved the problem of where to store all our customer feedback and insights!

Manager, Product & Delivery
Series A stage venture

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