Turn docs & notes into insights & actions

Turn your meeting notes, interviews and other scattered documents into summaries and themes. Sapeum helps you collect, structure and summarize documents into shareable insights and recommendations.


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Just type your notes as usual. Then hit a keyboard shortcut to tag that sentence as #followup, @sam, or anything else to classify on the fly.

Limitless tags. Blazing speed.


Save hours a week creating executive summaries from your sprawling notes. Filter and slice according to your tags and highlights, as if your docs were spreadsheets made of sentences.

Feature requests by customer segment? Followups raised by VP stakeholders? Easy. And accurate.


Share learnings with stakeholders with one click, as a link or as an email. Reduce friction in meetings, with structured evidence at your fingertips to back up your insights.

Import and export

Export everything in the format you need—consolidated summaries, individual documents, or even entire data dumps.

No need to change your existing workflows—if you prefer, import notes directly, for instance with our Zapier integration.


Sapeum’s real power comes from the way all notes and docs are automatically deeply interconnected. You can find related content while typing, or easily pull out insights across all text.

Impactful software.

Learn from customers why we're "mission critical" to profitable innovation.

Absolutely a tool we use. I can share the tagging framework, and it's in a manageable but malleable enough format that someone could pull from it & build upon it, and just add docs, instead of creating their own framework.

Product manager
$1B+ cap venture

Sapium is really helping inform the themes and insights from our customer interviews and data.

Director of Product
Series A stage venture

Sapium helped derive and codify the features that would address the requirements, especially with the many-to-many mappings. When I present with it in a design review, everyone loves it!

Software Manager
Big 5 tech company

We've finally solved the problem of where to store all our customer feedback and insights!

Manager, Product & Delivery
Series A stage venture

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