Embed Agile in strategy, not just in development

Agile executives

There's no more doubt about the power of Agile, but embedding the principles of nimble strategy beyond Agile product development processes is surprisingly challenging, and requires changes to a company's DNA.

We work with clients to build the accountability required for Agile through interconnected KPIs and experiment-powered initiatives across the org, cementing them through incentives and governance. We’ll also help design the recruiting you need to evolve your org to attract “intrapreneurs”.

What Gaussian clients see

Our approach is fast and high impact, and our clients expect nothing less.

Significantly faster pace of execution within executives' teams

Increased role clarity, transparency, metric accountability, and employee satisfaction

Timing: 1-3 months

Engagement phases

Our work is highly accountable. While we work closely with clients to determine collaboratively what the specific needs and deliverables are, typial engagements in the past has included the following:

  • Review of existing org structure, interviews, pain points, bottlenecks, leadership suggestions, market best practices
KPI realignment
  • “Cascading” KPIs that logically flow from board/CEO to lower levels, driven by conversations, responsibility assessment, activity-based-costing analysis and spans-and-layers benchmarks
  • Responsibility refresh in accordance with realigned org, if necessary
Governance, accountability, and pulse check processes
  • Building of RAPIDs for decision making processes
  • Institution of appropriate meeting cadences for accountability (especially for matrixed orgs)
  • Scorecard-based “management reviews”, rooted in KPIs
  • Institution of team pulse checks
case study snippet

SaaS Co

  • Instituted experiment-driven processes for all departments, not just Product
  • Instituted Agile-rooted KPIs for leaders and staff
  • Instituted monthly Management Review cadence
  • Built playbook for modifying and recursively rolling out KPI measurement to deeper levels in organization

Aligning all leaders with Agile
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Agile executives
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