The benefits of a multiple-hat-wearing veteran cofounder – without the hassle of equity

Cofounder as a Service

One of our veteran entrepreneur-consultants, with experience both as founders and strategists, will work with you as a proxy cofounder – wearing many cross-functional hats but owning no equity. We cover all industries and technologies – from healthcare to e-commerce, from logistics to AI.

What Gaussian clients see

Our approach is fast and high impact, and our clients expect nothing less.

Clearer, prioritized strategic initiatives and executive accountability

Several hours of CEO/executive time back per week

Timing: 3+ months

Engagement phases

Our work is highly accountable. While we work closely with clients to determine collaboratively what the specific needs and deliverables are, typial engagements in the past has included the following:

case study snippet

Fintech Co

  • Helped CEO prepare for board meetings and tackled board-related challenges
  • Structured and refined pitch deck for equity round
  • Connected exec team with potential industry-relevant investors
  • Became weekly sounding board on strategy and technology – across cash management, processes, operations, talent, product strategy, and go-to-market initiatives
  • Leveraged Sapeum Strategy, our research, strategy and experimentation tool
Build, solve, innovate

Let's talk.

Let's get to the bottom of your strategy and tech challenges around
Cofounder as a Service
. One of our partners in your industry will talk to you, and see if we can help you tackle them—ideally, without even having to engage us. We are thrilled to meet smart, fast-paced leaders and can't wait for the outcomes we'll achieve together.

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