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Data map and analysis

Companies have been sold on the power of data, and have been dedicatedly collecting it, siloes and all. As CTOs, data engineers and advisors, we can take these treasure troves of data, map them out transparently, and turn them into actual business results.

What Gaussian clients see

Our approach is fast and high impact, and our clients expect nothing less.

Key analyses executed and integrated into departments

Data map showing inventory of all data and siloes

Timing: 2-4 months

Engagement phases

Our work is highly accountable. While we work closely with clients to determine collaboratively what the specific needs and deliverables are, typial engagements in the past has included the following:

Data map & analysis prioritization
  • Through interviews and workshops, construct a Data Map—a universally-agreed-upon inventory of every relevant type of data at the organization, across all siloes
  • Together with stakeholders, identify analysis wishlist
  • Prioritize analyses according to a blend of Impact and Feasibility scoring
  • Execute analyses using industry-standard analytical and statistical approaches, and best practice tools, creating custom code where necessary
  • Summarize analysis findings clearly, for easy communication to stakeholders, customers, or executives
  • Integrate analyses into organization so they can run automatically after project
case study snippet

Health Provider Co

  • Constructed Data Map for data across numerous siloes of health data for a regional healthcare provider
  • Prioritized analysis work and moved from "ticket-based" utilization of Data team to "roadmap-based" utilization, freeing up meaningful team time for critical analysis work

Illustrative data map for health data siloes
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Data map and analysis
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