Concretely design the path to long-term successful outcomes

Long-term objectives and strategies

Public and private companies alike can fall into a pattern of local vs global optimization, solving for short-term goals without moving closer to their visions. At Gaussian, we work with clients to define concrete long-term objectives—"what success looks like", ultimately.

Ultimately, our focus is to drive cashflow to the business and its stakeholders. And being rooted in Agile means we can explore every possible avenue with you, including exits, possible acquirers, mergers, equity-free fundraisings, and more, in addition to operating cashflow initiatives.

What Gaussian clients see

Our approach is fast and high impact, and our clients expect nothing less.

Concrete, vision-aligned long-term objectives

Significant downstream team, culture and engagement improvements from socialization of long-term objectives

Timing: 1-3 months

Engagement phases

Our work is highly accountable. While we work closely with clients to determine collaboratively what the specific needs and deliverables are, typial engagements in the past has included the following:

Context gathering
  • Gather inputs from executive stakeholders and board members
  • Review vision, brand and other high-level materials
"What success looks like" workshops
  • Translate short-term priorities and stakeholder perspectives into concrete "what success looks like" objectives
  • Get stakeholder agreement on these objectives
Socialization of long-term objectives
  • Disseminate and socialize "what success looks like" with entire organization
  • Weave into the organizational culture
  • Use to drive shorter-term objectives and KPIs going forward
case study snippet

Work Tech Co

  • Identified long-term objectives for fast-growth "future of work" technology company
  • Turned objectives into concrete medium-term initiatives

Objective and initiative tracking (illustrative)
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Let's get to the bottom of your strategy and tech challenges around
Long-term objectives and strategies
. One of our partners in your industry will talk to you, and see if we can help you tackle them—ideally, without even having to engage us. We are thrilled to meet smart, fast-paced leaders and can't wait for the outcomes we'll achieve together.

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