Role clarity using the RAPID framework

Role clarity workshop

Role clarity challenges are often dismissed as interpersonal frictions, when in fact overlapping and duplicative roles result in consistently lower productivity, goal misses, and impaired retention.

We work with clients to transparently clarify roles for key decisions and activities in an organization or department, driven by proven methodologies like the RAPID framework. In a single workshop, we can map out pain points, clarify roles including "decision maker" and "expert input", and improve employee and executive satisfaction and understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

What Gaussian clients see

Our approach is fast and high impact, and our clients expect nothing less.

Dramatic increase in speed of achieving strategic goals and employee satisfaction

Clarification and conflict-free resolution of employee friction

Timing: 1-3 days

Engagement phases

Our work is highly accountable. While we work closely with clients to determine collaboratively what the specific needs and deliverables are, typial engagements in the past has included the following:

Identify challenging decisions
  • Identify historically painful decisions and activities
  • Group decisions into 5-10 decision categories
Clarify roles for identified decisions
  • For each involved parties in each decision category, discuss and designate one or more roles
Establish buy-in
  • Perform "dry run" decisions to test role clarifications
  • To ensure that no talent walks away misaligned, review and ensure the resulting role clarifications result in a "win-win" for involved parties
case study snippet

Growth Co

  • Identified 10 critical decision areas that had some degree of executive responsibility overlap (between CEO, COO, and so on) for a fast-growth consumer startup
  • Held RAPID workshops to establish the decision-making roles for each - including D (decision maker), R (recommender) and I (input)
  • Communicated with stakeholders to ensure role clarity did not cause cultural or territorial issues
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Role clarity workshop
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