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What are some examples of strategy plans?

Strategies are often concisely expressed, for instance in a bitesize "Strategic Statement", which is a combination of (typically multi-year) initiatives into a cohesive message. This is used as the cornerstone of internal (and external) communication materials as well as resource maps and granular milestones and execution plans.

Here are two Strategic Statements that capture the strategies of a retail company and an NGO:

Strategic Statement for a Global Retail Company

In the next 3-5 years, we will become a $100M revenue org by “Scaling Our Reach” – rapidly growing our marketplace with a repeatable launch model and expanding geographically.

We will pursue the following 3-5 year opportunities:

  • Triple inventory through third party products
  • Significantly reduce expense per product launch to increase product launched per quarter
  • Expand to China with existing/new portfolio

Strategic Statement for a Regional Housing Non-Profit

Within 3-5 years, we will be sheltering 50,000 homeless annually by “Doubling Down” – focusing our inbound efforts and shelter capacity in key geographies, and massively improving operational efficiencies there.

We will pursue these 3-5 year opportunities:

  • Triple inbound clients in top 3 regions (NYC, SF, DC) through consolidated staffing and management
  • Redistribute shelter capacity to yield majority of capacity in top 3 regions (NYC, SF, DC)
  • Extensively improve process efficiency in top regions

For more information, check out our article on the 14 criteria for good strategy planning.

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