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Digital transformation

Transformation is a word that gets thrown around as a cure-all, but it is weighed down with elevated risk levels and divergent expectations. At Gaussian, we help clients manage the risk and align expectations of transformation, to ensure the resulting org structures, systems, and processes are achieved in a high ROI manner.

As CTOs and advisors, we have deep experience building and transforming infrastructures—and organizations. We focus on creating future-proof architectures that drive down costs while maintaining the highest quality. We uniquely bridge strategy and engineering to create a sensible transformation plan—and then roll up our sleeves to deliver that architecture.

Digital transformation

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Learn about some of the quick impact that we've had with some of our closest client relationships.

"Gaussian has become a mission-critical aspect of the business, guiding not only in strategic and operational decisions but also in my own behavior, focus and growth as a leader."


"The pragmatic approach incorporated the thought leadership of traditional strategy consulting with the focus on implementation necessary to credibly deliver to our objectives. Gaussian is always ready to roll up their sleeves and provide leverage where it is needed most."


"Gaussian is refreshing because of the quick ramp-up and focus on results. In a short time, they were able to re-energize our stores and bend up the profit curve."


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